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  1. Diamond RH 6-19 Pound / 12-24 Inch Green
    Special Price: €142.49 Price in store: €189.99
  2. Hoyt Formula Handle LH Excel 25 Inch polisch Aluminum
    Special Price: €112.49 Price in store: €149.99

Difference between Formula and IlF Limbs

ILF means (international limb fitting) and it’s about the way the limbs are attached to the riser. So if a riser says (ILF compatible) you can combine it with every ILF limb on the market, independent of the brand. The system was developed in 1985 by Hoyt as part of the Dovetail system. A great advantage of this system was its compatibility and for the first time you could click your limbs in position and could adjust its draw weight with 5% - 10%


A couple of years ago Hoyt introduced the Formula riser, which is now the most important riser Hoyt has. This riser is only compatible with “Formula” limbs and doesn’t work with ILF risers (except for MK Korea which features both) The difference between Formula and ILF is the length of the limbs. The Formula is longer at its pocket side  Hoyt claims this to be ‘more stable’.

Both Formula and Hoyt are used by Olympic champions, so you can’t say there is a better system. It mostly depends on the archer’s preferences and his shooting style.

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