Stock Status Explained

‘Stock status’ on explained

Updated 2020 June 12th


Archery Service Center is a retail business striving to serve customers with a wide range of products to be available as ‘quickly as possible’. For that, we have a variety of products available in the store location for immediate use.

However, logistic costs do not allow us (nor any other business) to keep all products available in the store location in an unlimited amount.

To serve our customers we maintain intense cooperation with our suppliers and made agreements for effective and efficient delivery terms.

In our webshop, ASC indicates a ‘stock status’ to inform the customers to the best about what to expect regarding the availability of the referring product.



The indication of a ‘Stock Status’ in our webshop is provided for informational purposes only!  No rights nor obligations shall be attached to the use of these indications. ( Check out our General Terms and Conditions )


On Stock means, the product gets sold regularly and has a delivery time (*) of 3 to 8 working days. The product is not necessarily available in the store location. Those Items are also on regular base in stock at our suppliers Due Covid-19 is delivery, shipping an stock an everyday chancing plan by different governments. For the right stock contact us please, this saves a lot of stress on both sides


In Stock means, the product gets sold regularly and has a delivery time (*) of 1 to 3 working days.

Back Order means, the product currently unavailable and is (re-)ordered at the supplier. It is expected to become available at the store location in 1 to 20 working days.


Special Order means, the product has specific features/is not sold on a regular basis. It is not available at the store location and will be specially ordered for you at our supplier.

Usual availability in 1 to 40 working days.


Close Out means, the product is no longer in production at the manufacturer or is to be removed from our product range.

If still available currently (as long as stock lasts), it has a delivery time of 1 – 5 working days.


Coming soonmeans, the product is new on the market and/or is meant to be added in our product range.  Check the webshop (and/or the Facebook page) for availability shortly. Feel free to check through email.


Low stockmeans the product is available but in limited quantities. (First-come, First served). Te best thing to do is check for availability.

If still available, delivery time is 1–5 working days.


Out of stockmeans the product is currently not available at the store location, nor with our regular supplier(s) of the item.

Check for availability of the item in the (near) future through email.


Soldusually refers to a one-off item in our product range ( Like most of our ‘Vintage’ products and  ‘Used products’ ) and it is no longer available.




(*) ’delivery time’ means,  the amount of time that it takes for goods that have been ordered to arrive at the place where they are wanted within The Netherlands


For more info on availability and/or expected delivery time of a product, feel free to contact us, preferably by email.


Archery Service Center Tech Team