How to choose arrows
This is the most common question asked by our customers.
We will give answers in Q & A style.

Q – What is my correct draw length?
ASC – The correct draw length is determined, when you are at full draw. Measure from the center of the nock to the Berger hole. Ad 1.75 inch to the number and you have the draw length according international ATA regulations.
The Berger hole is also called the “(plunger-) button hole”
A recommended tool for these measurements is the Easton draw length shaft.

Q – How can I measure my draw(peak)weight?
ASC – You can measure your holding weight with a Bow weight scale which features to hold both the peak weight as the hold’ indication. A scale we recommend for these measurements is the Last Chance Archery Bow Weight Scale HS3.

Q – How is the below arrow selection chart work for me?
ASC – we recommend using a shaft selection chart that is provided by the arrow manufacturer of your choice. All charts use a similar format as the chart below. The red colored vertical column represents your arrow length (= NOT your draw length). The blue colored horizontal row represents your bow draw weight at your draw length. In the green rectangle you find the recommended spine of the arrow shaft.

arrow sizing chart explained

Q – How accurate is this kind of an arrow selection chart?
ASC – Below chart is based on ‘average values’. When you really want a more dedicated indication of the best fitting arrow shaft, please visit our archery pro shop. Our Tech staff will be happy to discuss the best options. Our indoor / outdoor facilities offer you testing options (up to 90 m) to decide on the best arrow shaft for your needs.

Q - How can I determine my draw length?
ASC - It's hard to say that's exactly your draw length, but is one way that works according to average. Divide your arm span length by 2.5. We made a table for you that is based on average. A trainer can help you properly for a good determination.

Drawlength checker

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