Archery Learning Projects Workshops

We Archery Service Center,

Have built for our archery workshops the Archery Learning Projects called ALP. With ALP we give all kind of archery workshops and archery classes. The most popular are

How making the best bowstrings
How to tune your Olympic Recurve bow
How to tune your WA Bare bow
How to tune your Compound bow
How to live with or beat target panic
How to reach your optimal shooting form (all disciplines)
Ins and out in field archery (with in here 28 ways to find just target face)
Short and long term annual planning and competition preparation

We can do the workshop in 3 languages (Dutch, Engels and German) as desired.

I can bring the workshop to location in your country. Covid-19 gives a delay in the ALP workshop program.

Questions or suggestions please contact us.

Johan van Dongen
Archery Service Center

ALP Archery Workshop Target Panic