Archery Service Center Outdoor Range

Archery Service Center includes a 13 lane Outdoor range, open for testing equipment, training, clinics, competition, and events,
All targets are famous durable Eleven foam products, protecting the arrows from unwanted wear and tear. Arrows shot on foam lives 3 times or longer than arrows impacting on straw targets.
The ASC archery range can provide competition setups up to 90m.
ASC does conduct friendly meetings up to WA recognized tournaments.
We service commercial events and host NL Federation organized competition formats.

ASC facilities can be rented by groups, clubs & national teams.

For individual access to the outdoor ASC provides Multi Sessions-card (1x, 5x, 10x) A single Session includes a 2hr use of a lane (excl. use of a Target face)
A 10 Sessions Card will be charged at 45 Euro, where a single session card costs 7 Euro. The cards are transferable and non-nominative.

On Thursday evening during summer (19h30 up to 22h00) ASC provides an open training where everyone is welcome to join: all levels, from novice to elite athletes, and all shooting styles from traditional to compound.

The open training will be supervised by qualified coaches.
You will learn from the coaches, and you will learn from each other.
And…enjoy your sport, shooting/training together again!!

For more information or suggestions, please contact us.

Lowlands Finals 2017

training card

Johan van Dongen
Archery Service Center

Schietweide Archery Service Center Outdoor Range