Archery Service Center Outdoor Range

We Archery Service Center,

Have a Outdoor Range for archer use. You can train, test and meet other archers at the outdoor range. All targets are made of Eleven famous foam, this foam protects the arrow from wear and tear. Arrows shot on foam lives 3 times ore longer than shot on straw targets.

We can make 13 targets on competition level up to 90 meter. We organize competitions at Archery Service Center.
A-Status Bare Bow 50 meter (WA Style)
Lowlands Finals 2017
Summer eve meet & greet competition rounds
Club champions

Archery clubs & national teams can hire the Outdoor Range as well for their activities.

Archery Service Center has a training card, you can train 10 times for 45 euro, day card for 7 euro.

On Thursday evening – 19.30 up to 22.00 summer time – we have a training where everyone is welcome. From starter to professional and from traditional to compound archers everyone is welcome. You will learn from the coaches and from each other.

Questions or suggestions please contact us.

Johan van Dongen
Archery Service Center

Schietweide Archery Service Center Outdoor Range