Archery Service Center Pro Shop

We Archery Service Center, have a large and spacious Archery Pro Shop with floor area of 150 m2. We work with well trained staff that can answer all your archery questions. We speak Dutch, German, Engels and French.  To keep the price structure clear and open, we also use the price in our archery Pro Shop, for service we calculate a price based on the service you want or need.

Our staff is specialized in
Olympic Recurve
Traditional Archery
Bare bow archery WA Style
Compound Archery
Bow tuning
Arrow tuning
Bow & Stabilizer balancing

We have our own very high end off custom made bowstrings, we give that division the name Marble Bow Strings. With those Marble Bow Strings are several world and national records set. Our staff work with high end fibers (BCY, Brownell, Spectra etc.) all colors are available. Your wish and with our craftsmanship you can expect the best possible combination for you.
In our test room, second floor, we can test your set up if needed. For the wooden arrow shooters we made possible to select your arrows on weight and spine for an additional cost per shaft you buy.
In our Indoor range, 450 m2, we run the walk back test, paper test, fly test and more if needed. We made it also possible to test bows, stabilizers etc. In our warehouse we store the archery gear, with this extra stock we can help archers better and faster.

If you are a starter, advanced ore a professional archer, we can make your dreams come true. We helped a lot of archers in the past, and we will doe this now and in the future. Some archers made it as a world class athlete. It would be silly of me to say this is only because of us, the persistence and eagerness to learn of the shooters is outstanding, but a place for help and answers is a need to get a world class athlete.

Family & homecoming feeling drive us in archery.

Questions or suggestions please contact us.

Johan van Dongen
Archery Service Center

Archery Pro shop ASC