Safety in Archery

Safety in archery

In many countries, a bow and arrow are considered a firearm, and the same rules and regulations that apply to firearms also apply to bows and arrows. Always check local country and city laws, and follow these archery safety rules. Let me remind you that Bow is a lethal weapon and can hurt you or others

1. Only shoot when you have a safe range or shooting area, and a safe backstop or background.
2. Keep clothing and jewelry out of the string’s way
3. Ask permission before pulling someone else’s arrow
4. Do not drink alcohol or take mood-altering drugs before, during, or after shooting a bow.
5. Only nock an arrow when it’s safe to shoot.
6. Never Fire Bow without Arrow
7. Inspect Equipment before Shooting
8. Store arrows in quivers and accessories in a box or bag
9. Store your bows in bow cases and store recurves and longbows unstrung
10. Use a bow-stringer for stringing longbows and recurve bows.
11. Only point the bow and arrow in a safe direction.
12. Use longer arrows than your draw length as a newbie in archery
13. Do not shoot an arrow straight up in the air.
14. Wear an armguard and finger protection while shooting bows and arrows.
15. Handle arrows carefully. Protect yourself and the arrow points with a arrow puller.

Safety rules by World Archery, I.F.A.A., Dutch Federation
how to create a secure archery range by the Dutch Federation

Safety handling Crosbows
Crossbow safety is no joking matter. Fact! The energy stored in limbs and string is tremendous, crossbows can take your fingers off in the blink of an eye or shoot an arrow through the door of a modern vehicle. They are powerful, purposeful tools that demand respect.

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