Archerywebshop is part of Archery Service Center That stand for a lot of knowledge in archery.
The CEO is Johan van Dongen
1965  Born as Johannes Petrus Cristianus Maria van Dongen in Vrachelen, Oosterhout, Netherlands
1976 Start archery Recurve only.
1989 Start compound 1989.
1992-2000 Numerous ‘experiments’ with Recurve, Compound & Bare Bow.
1995 Start designing/making release aids + stabilizers.
1999-2000 course Trainer-A in Archery.
2001 design/production own –personal- riser for compound bow.
2002 Finally learned how to deal with severe target panic.
2003 Qualified for participating in WC New York USA 2003.
2004 In Dutch Compound Team Men winner of Silver Medal on EC Outdoor in Brussels. Setting a World Record score with the team.
2004-2016 Conducting multiple workshops on compound in Ireland-Belium-Cyprus.
2004-2008 Participating in in total 14 international Championship Events (WC/EC/WG).
2005-2007 Part of sales staff JVD NL.
2007 Start own retail shop: Archery Service Center.
2007 Starting Bare Bow Group Netherlands.
2008-2009 course Trainer-Level 3 in Archery.
2009-2011 Federal Trainer Coach for National Field Archery Team (2x EC & 2x WC). 2015 start building the current Archery Service Center incl. Indoor & Outdoor training facilities. Offering excellent workshop facilities (Archery Learning Projects).
2016-2019 Conducting multiple workshops on Archery issues in ALP
2018 Conducting first A-status Indoor Event for Bare Bow.
2019 Conducting 1st National Championships Indoor for Bare Bow Archery.
2019 Technical Dealer Certification for PSE 
2019 ...... course Trainer-Level 4 in Archery - not finnest yet