ASC Video Analyse Room

Archery Service Center offers the service to make analyses of shooting style and equipment functions by making high-speed video recordings and assess the recordings in slow motion playback.

Since the start of Archery Service Center in 2007, I have been thinking about how to arrange such kind of a system.
We did run several tests and spent hours discussing what would be the most effective system.
But, having a clear idea is one step, realizing it is another thing.

Things got going when Andreas Lorenz Beiter Archery introduced me to the designers of the Beiter VR System.
This group of ‘technical wizards’ had built the Ring Shot Video System.
The Ring Shot system is based on High-speed video recordings made, using 4 cameras.
3 cameras in a fixed position in front, behind and above and 1 camera in any desired position for making close up recordings of specific aspects of the setup or the shooting style.
Like there are arrow move, arrow rest, bow hand, release hand, stabilizer movements.
Slow-motion playback of these recordings reveals a huge amount of information on the execution of the shot process and/or possible tuning issues on the bow-setup.
The basic analyses package includes the review/opinion/tips & tricks of a highly qualified archery coach.
He will provide you with details of the observations, advice you and your coach on how to proceed.
Doing an ASC Video analysis is a perfect aid to discover flaws and help to optimize shooting style, setup-settings or selection of arrow setups and the effect of stabilisers.
ASC Video Analyses are helpful for all shooting styles, performance levels from beginning to top-level competitive or ages nobody is ever too young/old to learn
Recordings of ASC Video Analyses are available bring a 4Mb USB Memory stick and can be used to check your improvements in follow up sessions.

Standard sessions of the ASC Video Analysis take 20 minutes and are charged for €39,=. Additional minutes are charged €12,75 per 10 minutes extra.
Usually, a standard analysis provides enough information for a start.
We notice that after a while, athletes come back to assess their improvements or analyze specific issues.

We welcomed individual athletes, athletes with their coach and coaches with a group of athletes. Without exception they reviewed the analyses being revealing and helpful.
For coaches with a team/group we can provide a package deal.

If you need any further information or clarification, do not hesitate to contact me.
I’m happy to help.
Johan van Dongen
CEO - Founder
Archery Service Center

Ringshot Video System