Staff Picks

Staff Picks

At our Archery Service Center in Horst aan de Maas, Netherlands, our expert staff hand-picks and rigorously tests archery products to ensure safety and performance. Trust our indoor and outdoor ranges, equipped with high-speed cameras, to evaluate the quality and safety of each item. Discover peace of mind knowing that only the best products make it to our shelves, backed by our top-notch facilities and expert evaluations.

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  1. Flex-Fletch Silent Knight Archery vanes
    As low as: €21.99

    Flex-Fletch Silent Knight Archery Vanes

    About the product

    Flex-Fletch hunting vanes are the best in archery industry. A variety of different designs depending on the style you prefer. Our silent knight hunting vane is a customer favorite. Half the sound of any vane around, less drag, faster, and tight tolerances. These are simply the best vanes for hunting. View the Flex-Fletch range of the best archery vanes for your arrows and get one on order today. Independent laboratory sound studies show that the Silent Knight vanes make just half the sound of other competitor vanes. This includes those popular and over-hyped, two-inch, high-profile vanes. See the comparison below, which shows an astonishing improvement that will dramatically reduce misses and high-hits due to deer ducking the arrow.

    Length 3 Inch = 7.63 cm
    Height 0.485 Inch =1.24 cm
    Weight 6.8 grains
    Colors Wide range available
    Material Sliqtra cure memory resin

    More in this video

    Archery Tech Team

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  2. Flex Archery Bowstring Fast Flight Plus Recurve Pro Shadow Black 16 Strands
    As low as: €17.99

    Flex Archery Bowstring Fast Flight Plus Recurve Pro Shadow Black 16 Strands

    About the Product

    For use on all competition type of recurve bows with reinforced limb tips.
    All bowstring models are served with proprietary braided thread.
    End/Eye serving Are not over served. Length can be adjusted adding or removing string turns.
    Easton G-nock 0.88/small and the Beiter no 1 fits perfect on the mid serving.
    High performance material for faster arrow speeds. Low creep & durable.
    If you need the Flex pro string for WA Barebow rules approved please select the option while ordering.
    Packed in clear tube. One string per tube plus String Keeper free included.
    Fast Flight by Flex Archery® bowstring is made with strands of coated and waxed Dyneema® fiber, served with braided threads of Dyneema® and polyester
    Fast Flight by Flex Archery® is a registered trade mark by MMBC SL - Flex Archery
    Dyneema® is a registered trade mark by DSM

    Wax is recommended for maintenance with a average of once in two months.

    Is your color our number of strands not in our order list please ask us for the options
    16 strands is recommended for almost every archer. 14 strand is for the lower pondage and smaller bows and gives a little bit of extra speed and 18 strand is for the higher poundage and longer bows and gives a little bit more stability.

    If you want bowstrings with more colors, different material or other bowstring related questions. We can help you with our home brand Marble Bow Strings. We give also workshops at Archery Service Center how to make bowstrings.

    Archery Tech Team

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  3. Ragim Longbow Wolf Custom 68 Inch
    As low as: €137.99

    Ragim Longbow Wolf Custom 68 Inch

    About the Product

    This 68 inch longbow is perfect for archers who love natural colors, thanks to the clear fiberglass and the walnut handle. Wolf Custom is the ideal bow for an archer’s first step into the world of traditional archery.

    Bow lenght 68 Inch - 1.728 Meter
    Brace height 7.50 to 8.50 Inch = 19.06 to 21.60 Cm
    Bowstring Only Dacron

    Archery Tech Team

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  4. UltraView Scope UV3 Kit Without Fiber Pin Target Kit
    As low as: €319.98

    Ultra View Scope UV3 Kit Without Fiber Pin

    About the product

    The ULTRAVIEW 3 – UV3 –

    The pinnacle of competitive archery scopes.
    The new advanced light has 10 brightness levels, 5 individual LED’s for optimal brightness, auto off, after 4 minutes, allows you to light up your level and is 100% waterproof.
    To light up your level hold the power button for 2 seconds.
    The 5 LED’s brightly illuminate colored dots and fiber without the need for an up pin or big ugly battery packs with loose wires.
    Aircraft grade aluminum housing, anodized to a beautiful grey finish.
    Mounts onto Axcel, Shibuya, Sure-Loc, B3, CBE or any sight that accepts 10-32 threaded rods. For a complete list please see our FAQ page's compatibility chart.
    Never run out of battery power again with over 6hrs of battery life at 80% brightness - takes two cr2025 batteries, can be found anywhere, common size.
    The inside diameter of the housing is 30mm.
    Easily swap from one lens cartridge to another depending on what discipline you are shooting.
    Please Note. Lenses that fit - Axcel 31mm 1.350 Inch not their 1.355 Inch, Shrewd 29mm, CR 1 3/8 Inch
    Please note that this scope in this setting not WA Legal, If wanted it WA legal take the colored World Archery Cap as an option. 

    What is in the box

    1x Housing with a green level installed
    1x Lens Cartridge
    1x UV3 Light Kit
    1x Lens - in 0x, 2x, 4x, 6x or 8x if selected
    1x Dot Kit - with red, orange, yellow and green dots.
    1x Fiber Kit - 4 Inch red, blue and green 0.019 Inch fiber
    1x 20 Inch 0.019 Inch green fiber
    1x Black WA Cap
    Mounting Bolts & extra Set Screws
    Batteries 2x cr2025

    Archery Tech Team

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  5. Sanlida Miracle X10 Olympic Recurve Package 2021
    As low as: €941.99

    Sanlida Miracle X10 Olympic Recurve Package 20211

    About the product

    ASC offers specially selected complete Archery Bow Kits.
    The goal of these ASC Bow Kits is to offer value-for-money packages for athletes at various levels of skills (from beginners to experienced) and at various price levels. The ASC Archery Tech Team collected/matched the items in the various sets based on what is available in the market and to the best of their knowledge/expertise. Whether you're just starting out in archery, or you’re an experienced archer looking for a new set-up, the ASC Bow Kit should safely cover your needs! This Sanlida intermediair starter bow set represents an affordably priced setup, which is ideal for Archers thats want to grow in Olympic Recurve archery. The heart of the Kit is the Sanlida Miracle X10 riser. Made from 6061-T6 aluminum Forgiveness through advanced processes with well strength and hardness. The wooden grip makes this handle a best seller.

    What is included in this kit
    1 Piece - Miracle X10 Riser weight 1300 gram - 46 OZ
    1 Pair - Miracle X10 Limbs high-strength cross carbon
    1 Picce - Bowstring without Nockpoints - Shooting ready with Nockpoints
    1 Piece - X10 Cushion Plunger with extra Springs and Stifts
    1 Piece - X10 Arrow Rest
    1 Piece - X10 Clicker
    1 Piece - X10 Carbon Sight with Micro adjustment and 2 Mini Sight Dampers
    1 Piece - X10 Limb Dampers
    1 Piece - X10 Sightpin Damper
    1 Piece - X10 Riser Damper
    1 Piece - X10 Long Rod 30 Inch with Damper
    2 Piece - X10 Short Rod 12 Inch with Damper
    1 Piece - X10 Extender
    1 Piece - X10 V-Bar 45 degree
    3 Piece - X10 Weights 28 Gram 1 OZ
    1 Piece - X10 Weights 56 Gram 2 OZ

    What is Not in the set
    Back Pack or Bow Case
    Arrows - We At Archery Service Center can help you with your arrow choice
    Arrow Quiver
    Bow Stringer
    Bow Stand

    This Package can also be measured on your by our pro staff employees. With the test shooting, up to 70 mtr, you can be sure that everything fits perfectly.

    Any Questions left, please, feel free to contact us

    Also Look video 1 and video 2

    ASC Tech Team

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  6. Dongs-Key Finger Tape Cohesive
    As low as: €4.99
    Dongs-Key Finger Tape Cohesive Archers Corner Fitness & Training Learn More
  7. Shibuya Olympic Magnetic Rest Ultima LH-RH Convertible
    As low as: €41.99

    Shibuya Olympic Magnetic Rest Ultima LH-RH Convertible

    About the product

    The Choice of 86% of Rio Participants!
    86% of participants in Rio chose the ULTIMA Recurve Rest as their arrow rest. Find out why the vast majority of top-level archers chooses ULTIMA as one of the most integral parts of their setup!

    DLC-coated Offset Support Arm
    The Ultima Recurve Rest's Support Arm makes use of DLC-coating – a technology offering superior material strength and friction properties, applied in fields such as parts for racing engines. As a result, the energy loss inflicted on an arrow gliding over the arm is reduced to the bare minimum. The Support Arm's Offset construction guarantees no contact with the cushion plunger's barrel, even when used with the smallest diameter shafts.
    DLC - Diamond-like carbon A coating of amorphous carbon, granting exceptional hardness, wear resistance, and slickness, low coefficient of friction.

    Dual Adjust System for perfect clearance
    The Ultima Recurve Rest is adjustable not only vertically, to ensure compatibility with any size arrow shaft, but also horizontally to compensate for sight window depth and plunger settings. There is no need to ever cut or bend the support arm again! Adjustments are easy to make with one screw, even when the arrow is rested on the support arm.

    CNC machined for unrivaled precision manufacturing
    By employing CNC milling, Shibuya was able to reduce dimensional error margins to an unprecedented minimum. The innovative "V-lock" Magnet configuration ensures smooth, repeatable movement that eclipses everything the market has seen to date! CNC - Computer Numerical Control computerized automation of machine tools such as milling machines.
    SHIBUYA's V-Lock System – unrivaled precision and repeatability

    The line of magnetic force between the Ultima Recurve Rest's dual magnets catches and returns the Support Arm safely and repeatably, exponentially increasing the reliability of the rest. Shibuya uses only highest quality corrosion-resistant samarium cobalt magnets, known for their constant magnetic force independent of temperature changes.
    By placing the adjustment screw between the magnets, Shibuya was able to maintain a super-slim construction (only 3.8mm including adhesive tape), while at the same time using a 3mm screw for comfortable, safe adjustments.

    Industrial-strength adhesive tape
    For attachment to the bow riser, Shibuya is employing industrial-strength double-sided adhesive tape from a trusted maker. The flexible, thick tape is ideal for ensuring a lasting and reliable bond.

    Ambidextrous Design
    Ultima Recurve Rest can be switched between righthanded and lefthanded simply by reversing the support arm's fastening direction with a 1.5 mm allen key.

    Archery Tech Team

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  8. Beiter Olympic Button Kit
    As low as: €120.00

    Beiter Olympic Button Kit

    The Beiter Plunger, developed 1985 to 1986, was introduced at the Las Vegas Shoot 1987. Actually it is represented on archery fields world wide.
    Since 1992 all Olympic Medallists used Beiter Plungers as well as over 80% of all competing archers!

    The Beiter Plunger is produced out of precision machined parts (the Beiter company supplies the watch-, precision-mechanic- and medical industry and is used to work only with the finest materials).
    The notching scale cylinder allows an exact and reproducible spring tension time after time

    The thread cylinder is made out of high-grade refined steel, the springs out of stainless harmonic steel, the notching scale cylinder and the slotted nut out of anodised aluminum. The material used for the Plunger Pin offers excellent glide- and wear-behaviour by using aluminum-, aluminum-carbon- or carbon-arrows.

    Available Colors
    Black, Silver, Red, Blue, Gold, Titan, Darkblue, Green, Orange, Purple, Pink

    Sales Unit
    1 Beiter Plunger with an installed hard spring (0.60)
    1 Open Spanner, 1 Spanner
    2 springs ”extra hard” (0.70)
    1 spring ”hard” (0.60)
    2 springs ”soft” (0.45)
    1 Allen Head Wrench 1,5mm
    2 Allen Head Screws M3 for slotted nut
    2 screwgates M3 for Allen Head Screws
    6 Spare Pins

    ASC Tech Team

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8 Products

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