Ragim Longbow Wolf Custom 68 Inch

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Ragim Longbow Wolf Custom 68 Inch

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This 68 inch longbow is perfect for archers who love natural colors, thanks to the clear fiberglass and the walnut handle. Wolf Custom is the ideal bow for an archer’s first step into the world of traditional archery.

Bow lenght 68 Inch - 1.728 Meter
Brace height 7.50 to 8.50 Inch = 19.06 to 21.60 Cm
Bowstring Only Dacron

Archery Tech Team

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Ragim Longbow Wolf Custom 68 Inch Archery Traditional Style Long Bows

  • Height: 5.00 cm
  • Width: 19.00 cm
  • Length: 172.00 cm