Cartel Sight Midas Junior-II

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Cartel Sight Midas Junior-II

About the product

The Cartel Sight Midas Junior-II is a small and light aluminum sight with fine micro-adjustment of height and side position. This sight is ideal for beginners, youth archers and smaller recurve bows. The sight has a calibrated sight scale. It’s suitable for right- and left handed archers.


Material - Aluminum

Color - Black

Weight - 160 gr

Extension Length - 4”

Elevations length - 5.5”

Thread size sight pin - 8/32

Archery Tech Team

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  • Brand: Cartel

Cartel Sight Midas Junior-II Archery Sights Beginner Sights 225000

  • Height: 3.00 cm
  • Width: 14.00 cm
  • Length: 21.00 cm