Win&Win Sight Carbon WS600

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Win&Win Sight Carbon WS600

About the product

The Win&Win Carbon WS600 is a precision-machined competition sight which is trusted by some of the world’s best archers. The sight has wheel turners to accurately measure fine sight movements and a slide bar for convenient and smooth vertical adjustment. It has a unique bolt system that securely locks the sight in place. Foam inside the carbon extension bar protects the WS600 sight from damaging vibration that travels through a bow when you shoot your bow. It also keeps the weight to a minimum and prevents torque during shooting.


Material - Carbon extension bar with foam, aluminum

Color - Black, Red, Blue or Silver

Lightweight design

Includes sight aperture and soft case

Archery Tech Team

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Win&Win Sight Carbon WS600 Archery Sights Recurve Target & 3D Sights

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