Handle WA BareBow

Handle WA BareBow

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  1. Spigarelli Handle Club Barebow 25 Inch
    As low as: €349.99
    Spigarelli Handle Club Barebow 25 Inch Archery Recurve Learn More
  2. Spigarelli Handle DMS
    As low as: €519.99
    Spigarelli Handle DMS Archery Recurve Learn More
  3. Spigarelli Handle REV2 25 Inch
    As low as: €287.99

    Spigarelli ILF Handle REV2 25 Inch 

    Based on Sante Spigarelli’s creativity the renewal of one of the biggest innovations arised in archery world.

    Combining the best of both Revolution and Revolution B.B. While the central layer remains the same one of the news resides in using a weighted back part, for a major solidity and an improved stability, counterbalanced by a pierced front part where the special Revolution dedicated additional weight can be attached. This new unique configuration adapts perfectly to both olimpic recurve and bare bow shooters. The junction screws have been redesigned with a new material for an overall increased and improved structural strenght all along the shot cycle. A new stock grip also appears featuring boosted ergonomics directly studied by Massimo and Sante Spigarelli. A brand new color palette for a modern dark elegant riser ready to parade down the archery fields all over the world.. Aside of this all the other colors are still available as special orders in about 7 weeks and a additional cost.

    Riser length: 25 Inch
    Mass Weight: 1250 gram
    Models: RH and LH
    Wood Grip included
    Arrow Rest included

    Accepts fitting of the Spigarelli Revolution Extra Barebow Weight Bar


    Red Black, Blue Black, Grey Black, Black, Green Black

    Archery Tech Team

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  4. Gillo Handle G1 Matte 25 Inch Black Grip
    As low as: €528.99
    Gillo Handle G1 Matte 25 Inch Black Grip Archery Recurve Learn More
  5. Spigarelli Handle Zen
    As low as: €376.99
    Spigarelli Handle Zen Archery Recurve Learn More
  6. Spigarelli Handle Barebow 25 Inch 2023
    As low as: €459.99

    Spigarelli Handle Barebow 25 Inch 2023

    Barebow ILF riser from Spiga with a new 2023 design.


    Handle Length 25 Inch
    Handle weight 1500 gram = 53 oz
    Included 210 210 gram = 8 oz extra weight
    Included an magnetic arrow rest
    Right or lefthanded
    Colors Black, Green, Red, Gray, Blue.

    Archery Tech Team

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  7. Gray Archery Bare Bow Handle Arcum 25 Inch
    As low as: €606.98

    Gray Archery Bare Bow Handle Arcum 25 Inch

    About the product

    The ARCUM is not a conventional riser and was not designed to be. The ARCUM riser represents a new shift in Barebow riser design. The riser has been designed to be out the box barebow ready, weighing in at 1550g no weight addition is required for an intermediate barebow archer as the center of mass of the riser is 8mm forward than that of the AIX and 17mm lower, making it a bottom heavy riser designed to be shot as a barebow first and an Olympic recurve second. The riser incorporates a unique flat face design which facilitates placement of weights on either the left, right or center of the riser all utilizing 13 x 5/16unf threaded holes.

    The ARCUM's hole weight reduction system was purely inspired by nature. The aim was to create a lightweight yet strong structure, and what better place to look at examples than nature? The ARCUM was inspired by the hollow structure of bird bones and the vascular structures in bamboo. This unique weight reduction method allows users to have 8 weight mounting points on the bottom window of the riser, without any compromise in strength.
    The upper site window comes with three clicker mounting points as well as four 5/16unf plunger holes that gives the barebow archer even more options when it comes to arrow tuning and clearance.


    Grip Compatibility GRAY Archery Grip, Jager CMS Cast Grip, Hoyt Recurve Grip 2023
    Weight handle 1.550 Kg = 3.418 Lbs
    Colors Red, Blue, Black, Purple, Orange and Silver all with black fittings and text inlay.
    Limb Alignment: GRAY AIX component compatible and adjusted to fit a wider variety of limbs.
    Plunger Holes 4 x 5/16-24UNF
    Weight Mounting Holes: 13 x 5/16-24 UNF Front Face, 1x 5/16-24 UNF Stabilizer Bushing, 1 x Top limb pocket 5/16-24 UNF Hole, 2 x side Mount Bottom Limb Pocket LH & RH side 5/16-24 UNF. 8 Side mount on bottom window 5/16-24UNF.
    Weight Options -Sold Separately- Stainless steel 186g mass or a larger 355g bolt on weight.

    Archery Tech Team

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  8. Mybo Mykan Bare Bow Riser Cerakote Finish
    As low as: €651.98

    Mybo Mykan Bare Bow Riser Cerakote Finish

    About the product

    In a world where precision and performance are paramount, the MYKAN 25 emerges as the epitome of barebow excellence. Crafted with unwavering dedication by MYBO, this barebow riser stands as a testament to innovation and uncompromising quality.

    For too long, barebow archers have been shackled by equipment ill-suited to their needs, forcing compromises upon their craft. MYBO recognized this plight and embarked on a mission to redefine the standards of barebow equipment.

    Geometry, balance, mass, and flex—each aspect meticulously honed to perfection, ensuring an unparalleled shooting experience. The MYKAN embodies the pinnacle of barebow-specific design, offering unmatched stability and performance on the archery range.

    At the heart of its design lies the integrated 350 grams master weight, a testament to MYBO's commitment to customization and precision. Paired with the multipoint stainless steel weight mounting system, archers have the flexibility to fine-tune their setup to perfection.

    But innovation doesn't stop there. Enter Cerakote—a revolutionary polymer-ceramic coating that ensures durability and resilience. Available in a myriad of standard and custom colors, the MYKAN not only performs flawlessly but looks stunning while doing so.

    Solid stainless steel limb bolts, stainless steel stabilizer bushings, and an ergonomic, soft-touch grip further elevate the MYKAN's design, offering unparalleled comfort and control.

    Fully adjustable for tiller and limb alignment, and compatible with ILF limb fittings, the MYKAN is as versatile as it is powerful. It's no wonder that this masterpiece has been the choice of champions, breaking records and clinching gold on the world stage.

    In the hands of a skilled archer, the MYKAN transcends mere equipment—it becomes an extension of the shooter's will, a conduit for their passion and dedication.

    The MYKAN 25—a symbol of excellence, a beacon of innovation, and nothing less than pure barebow perfection.


    • Titanium
    • Desert Sand
    • Graphite Black
    • Stormtrooper White
    • Charcoal Green
    • Ruby Red
    • Periwinkle
    • Lemon Zest
    • Glow Orange
    • Sangria

    Archery Tech Team

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  9. Decut Handle Barebow Rhino
    As low as: €249.99

    Decut Handle Barebow Rhino

    Recurve handle from Decut.

    Key features:

    Designed especially for barebow style shooting.
    Weight distribution made for shootability and stability.
    Includes 1x 50g and 2x 100g weights that can be used on the riser to customise the balance.
    Weights fit neatly into riser for no increase in outside diameter, and a sleek look.
    Technical specifications:

    Limb Fitting ILF
    Material CNC Machined Aluminium
    Length Options 25 Inch
    Weight (total incl weights) 1780 Gram
    Handedness Righthanded or Lefthanded
    Finish Anodized Black, Blue, Red, Gold, Gray and Silver

    Archery Tech Team

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  10. Kinetic Vygo Bare Bow 2020
    As low as: €179.99

    Kinetic Vygo Bare Bow 2020 

    About the product

    Introducing the medium-level barebow riser from Kinetic, offering exceptional quality at an attractive price point. Crafted from machined extrusion 6063-T6 aluminum, this riser boasts durability and performance. Available in 13 anodized colors and 1 dipped color, with a color-matched wooden grip for added comfort and style. The riser includes black barebow weights (2x 200g, 1x 100g) and a limb alignment system for precise tuning. With a 25-inch length and options for right or left-handed shooters, this riser provides versatility and reliability. Experience one of the best barebow risers in the world, delivering outstanding value for your archery needs.

    Archery Tech Team

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