Win&Win ILF Handle Inno CXT

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Win&Win ILF Handle Inno CXT

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Wiawis Nano Carbon
The Win&Win ILF handle Inno CXT is designed and manufactured with carbon prepreg where fiber is distributed evenly in all directions. The design features the stable carbon material to minimize shooting errors. High tech engineering creates the best carbon material mixture for WIAWIS bows. The CXT riser has an unique design and has been in production for many years. It is a popular riser and wins medals at all archery levels.

Anti-Torque system
To reduce vibration and torsional generated by the riser itself, as well as the vibration caused by the impact from the limbs during shooting, a special steel has been used for the sight window.

Weight control system
The riser is perfect for all archers of all levels. Different riser lengths in 23”, 25” and 27” are available. The archer can use adjustable weights so they can customize it using the side weight control system.

Applicate a highly stable T-BLOCK
The CXT handle is equipped with the ability to easily and safely assemble and disassemble limbs. The archery can use T-BLOCK with special plastic material dedicated to the carbon riser separately.


Weight - 1300 gram

Length - 23”, 25” or 27.0 inch

Material - Carbon Graphite

Limb Fitting - ILF

Finish - Painted

Color - White, Red, Blue, Black White Gold, Dark Blue White or Black Glossy

Left and Right handed

Archey Tech Team

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Win&Win ILF Handle Inno CXT 25 Inch Archery Recurve Handle ILF

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