TRU Ball Release Bandit

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Tru Ball Axcel
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TRU Ball Release Bandit

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The Tru Ball Bandit features a rope connection covered in weather resistant flexible tubing, designed to make your release ready for hunting situations where speed is key. The Red Rope Connections system provides an easy adjustable rope for any draw length. The Tru Ball Bandit is available with a black anodized head and a wrist strap of your choice. Available options for the wrist strap are: black leather, buckle strap or camo Velcro strap.

Rope connection covered in a weather resistant flexible tube
Easy adjustable rope connection for any draw length
Black anodized head
Available wrist straps: black leather, buckle strap and camo Velcro strap

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TRU Ball Release Bandit Archery Releases Releases Wrist

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