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TopHat Points DWAC SL Convex 1 Arrows Arrow Points

Product information "SL Convex DWAC"

The new Dual Weight Adjustment Concept (DWAC) features a detachable Break-Off Weight Rod (60 grains, in 10 grains increments) for point weight adjustability.

A replacement SL Break-Off Weight Rod can get your point back to its max. weight, once you broke off too many segments. The Replacement SL Break-Off Weight Rods are available separately.

The SL Convex is machined to a special head profile that fits a large selection of shafts with an inside diameter of .166" and .167".

The redesigned, elongated bullet head ensures a straight entry into the target, prevents glance-outs and is easy to draw through a clicker.


New enhanced stainless steel material makes for a tougher and more durable head.

Glue-In Point
90, 100, 110
Material 1:
stainless steel
50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 110, 120, 130
Bullet / Convex
Stainless Steel ore Tool Steel


Shaft list


SL Convex ID .166": Type I (OD to 5.54mm):
Aurel: MAKO 800-1300, ORYX 800-1300, UHYRE 500-1300
Black Eagle: X-Impact 500-1100
Carbon Express: Nano .166 1000-1200
Cross-X: Exordium 900-1300, Hurricane 500-1100
DK: Cougar 800-1500, Gungnir 500-1000
Element Arrows: Typhoon 500
Nijora: Bark Small 1100-1300, Onawa Fly 800-1200, Onawa Pro 800, Onawa Pro 1000-1200
Skylon: Brixxon 400-650, Radius 750-2000
Victory: VAP 500-1000, VAP Camo 500, VAP Pink 500-600


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TopHat Points DWAC SL Convex 1 Arrows Arrow Points Points Glue In

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