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  1. MantisX Air Rail Competition Air Pistol

    MantisX Air Rail Competition Air Pistol

    This rail adapter is designed to be fastened onto the air cylinder of a competition air pistol using the provided elastic strap. This is also a perfect band for a connection on the stabilization ore sightbar of a bow.

    Archery Tech Team

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  2. MantisX Universal Adapter X8

    MantisX Universal Adapter X8 

    An adapter that bonds to any flat surface of your bow so you can attach the Mantis X8.  The X8 slides on and snaps in place quickly and easily.

    The adapter bonds to the bow with high-strength VHB adhesive tape (included).  Yes, it holds up great under all shooting conditions.  The stuff is quite remarkable.  And yes, you can remove it later if you want.  When installing it, you'll need to apply pressure, and then let it cure for 20 minutes before using.

    Archery Tech Team

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  3. MantisX Shooting Performance System X10

    MantisX Shooting Performance System X10 

    The Mantis X10 is the next revolution of the breakthrough MantisX.  In addition to everything the X3 and X7 do, key features of the X10 will include:

    • Recoil analysis
    • Holster Draw Analysis
    • **Dynamic Shooting (rapid fire, multi-target, shooting on the move)
    • **Software support for all shooting sports (pistol, rifle, shotgun, archery)

    Collecting thousands of data points per second, the X10 analyzes your shooting in real-time.  For pistols, rifles, and shotguns. The X10 works with dry fire, live fire, airsoft/CO2, and simulated weapons systems.

    Ships with:
    Mantis X10 Elite sensor
    BR7 Barrel Mount Picatinny Rail for rifles and shotguns. 
    USB charging cable
    Mantis X10 Case + Foam Insert
    Quick Start insert

    **Future free app updates

    More info, watch the video

    Archery Tech Team

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  4. MantisX Shooting Performance System X8

    MantisX Shooting Performance System X8

    The Mantis X8 is an unparalleled piece of technology that will change the way you shoot.

    While attached to any bow, the X8 analyzes the smallest of movement patterns that even the human eye cannot see. It streams the data via Bluetooth to an app on your smartphone or tablet that gives you real-time feedback on your shooting mechanics.

    The X8 comes with a Universal Adapter, included in the box. You may consider ordering extras if you want to use on multiple bows.

    How it works, watch here

    Archery Tech Team

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  5. Steady Aim Shooting Analysis System

    Steady Aim Shooting Analysis System

    About the product

    Designed for Archers, by Archers.
    Steady Aim is a high tech device designed by engineers who are archers, for archers. As such we understand and appreciate what archers are looking for in a training device such as this. Steady Aim will give you quantitative feedback which can be analyzed and interpreted by the archer or coach resulting in informed decision making to ones set-up and form.

    How it works
    The Steady Aim App streams data from the device via a Bluetooth Low Energy connection to provide you with real-time feedback, as well as full history of your shooting sessions.

    Step 1
    Attach the Device
    Secure the device mid-way along the sight extension bar.

    Step 2
    Download the App and Connect
    The Steady Aim App is available for FREE Download via the App Store or Google play Store. Pair the device to the App on your smart device.

    Step 3
    Shoot and Analyze
    Use the live or post shot data to analyze and evaluate your shooting performance. Track your changes over time and make improvements to your set-up and technique.

    More in this video

    Archery Tech Team

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  6. Mathews Analysis Tool Shot Sense
    As low as: €439.99

    Mathews Analysis Tool Shot Sense

    About the product

    Elevate your archery experience with the Mathews Shot Sense™. Integrated directly into the grip of your Mathews bow, the Shot Sense module will track and record your shot analytics and provide advanced feedback in real time through the Mathews app.
    Compatible with 2023 and newer Mathews models.

    Mathews advanced shot data technology allows you to track the movement of your bow throughout your shot sequence, enabling you to compare every shot on the range, in the field, or wherever your bow takes you. Challenge your friends and family to see who takes the most shots, has the best overall score, or compete against any metric you set within our full community platform. Designed to take your archery game to the next level, Mathews Shot Sense™ will help you take your best shot, every time.

    Archery Tech Team

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6 Products

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