TAS Shaft Northern Pine 5/16 Inch

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TAS Shaft Northern Pine 5/16 Inch

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Introducing Northern Pine, a venerable choice for crafting arrows, boasting a legacy that traces back to the ancient era. Praised by archers worldwide, Northern Pine offers a remarkable balance between stability and weight, making it an enduring favorite in the archery community. Renowned for its resilience and slightly denser composition compared to Cedar, Northern Pine lends itself well to treatments such as staining or lacquering.

As a natural material, wooden shafts exhibit variations in both external appearance and internal characteristics. While shaft diameters remain consistent, discrepancies in straightness, stiffness, and weight are inherent. Furthermore, the spine values may vary, necessitating the categorization and sorting of wooden shafts with a tolerance of 5 lbs. To ensure uniformity, each shaft undergoes meticulous manual spining, fracture inspection, and alignment.

Our Northern Pine shafts are supplied in full-length configurations, typically spanning 32 inches. However, recognizing the diverse needs of archers, we offer precision cutting services at a nominal fee of €0.10 per shaft. Employing state-of-the-art sawing equipment, we guarantee accurate and uniform cuts, resulting in shafts that are straight and consistent in length.

For those seeking optimal shooting performance, we provide optional weight sorting services for a nominal fee. These services entail grouping shafts within a one-gram margin, typically in sets of up to 12 shafts, ensuring closely matched weights for enhanced accuracy.

Northern Pine Shaft Specifications:

Size Options: 5/16 or 11/32
Length: 32 inches (full-length)
Available Spine Ranges:
5/16: 25-30 LBS, 30-35 LBS, 35-40 LBS, 40-45 LBS, 45-50 LBS
11/32: 40-45 LBS, 45-50 LBS, 50-55 LBS, 55-60 LBS, 60-65 LBS, 65-70 LBS

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