JVD Netting White Standard With Ring

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JVD Netting White Standard With Ring

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Backstop nettings are available in 3 classifications for stopping features
1. Standard
2. Extra Strong
3. Ultra Strong
Please note that a backstop net is an aid.
There are countless factors that can have a negative effect on the stopping effect (condition and design of the arrowhead, moisture, draw weight from the bow, silicone oil on the shaft, wind, impact angle, etc.), so it is not possible to make any solid statements about which draw weights the netting can be shot at, or from when at which draw weight the arrows are shot through.
As a result, we can only advise you to make a good as possible guess on which quality level of the netting you think will do the stopping job.
In any case, make sure that the netting is hanging loose.
Tensioning/clamping the netting will reduce its stopping feature.
In case of doubt (when creating heavy impact shots) consider using a double netting.


-Arrow stop netting perfect for indoor and outdoor ranges.
-This standard strength version is tough enough to stop most arrows from lighter poundage bows.
-Height of 320cm. Dimensions are approximate.
-Weighs +/- 300 gr./m2.
-Various lengths available to suit your needs.

Please Note: Always hang netting loose for maximum effectiveness. Never use netting to protect people or valuables.

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JVD Netting White Standard With Ring Outdoor Range Equipment Netting

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