Hori-Zone Crossbow Package Premium Penetrator

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Hori-Zone Crossbow Package Premium Penetrator

Hori-zone crossbow package premium Penetrator
About the product

Power Stroke 14.00 inch - 35.57 Cm
Width 19 to 15 Inch - 48.27 to 38.11 Cm
Mass Weight 2722 gram - 96.02 Oz
Factory Speed 340 fps
Color Black Camo Limbs

Key features
Low pounds design can achieve 340+ fps in a lightweight package
All with an affordable price, the Penetrator smashes all stereotypes and impressions for evolution

Radical CNC Machined Cams
Precision Scope Mount/ Trigger Assembly
Lightweight High Performance Synthetic Rear Stock / Barrel
Integrated Full Barrel Picatinny Rail Accepts 100s of Aftermarket Accessories

The package also include
Adjustable Pica Tiny Mount Forearm
Helter Quick Dispatch Quiver Set
Supreme Alum Arrows 3 pieces
4 X 32 Scope
TALON Rope Cocker
Side Crawer Bracket with Pica Clip Mount

Safety handling Crosbows
Crossbow safety is no joking matter. Fact! The energy stored in limbs and string is tremendous, crossbows can take your fingers off in the blink of an eye or shoot an arrow through the door of a modern vehicle. They are powerful, purposeful tools that demand respect.

ASC Tech Team

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Hori-Zone Crossbow Package Premium Penetrator Cross Bows Crossbows Package Compound CRB-001

  • Height: 12.50 cm
  • Width: 23.50 cm
  • Length: 79.00 cm