Hamskea Versa Rest Accessories And Replacement Parts

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Hamskea Versa Rest Accessories And Replacement Parts

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Buffered Limb Spring Dampening Coil used with our limb clamps and also for the rest activation connecting the arrow rest to the limb on our Trinity and Hybrid Series arrow rests.

The clamp is best served on limbs that range in width from, please check options. It is designed to be low weight and low profile, yet still serve as a true mechanical attachment mechanism for the dampening coil and cord to your rest. The dampening coil prevents the cord from stretching, acts as a shock absorber when the shot is fired and manages the launcher rebound. With the dual bracket and screws, even pressure is applied through the clamp system. The dampening coil is mounted to the lower clamp via a separate mounting screw. Couple this with a protective sticky tape and the clamp will not damage the finish of your limb and will not slip on the limb. This clamp works with the VersaRest as well as other manufacturers’ limb actuated style rests.

Top Pros from around the world are utilizing the torque tuning method to make the most forgiving setup possible. With use of the overdraw, archers are able increase the variable distance between the rest and bow riser. The extra adjustment this provides allows shooters to find the most forgiving rest position on each individual bow. If your bow responds to torque tuning, you can literally change your bow hand pressure with minimal change to the point of impact. For long draw archers that often have a hard time finding a stiff enough arrow to shoot, with the Versa Overdraw, you can shoot a shorter arrow making your effective spine stiffer. No longer do archers have to compromise accuracy due to arrow selection. Designed as an extension of the VersaRest, Hybrid Pro Series and the Trinity Series, this design is compatible with most rests on the market and can easily be used by both right and left handed archers by simply reversing the catch plate. Maximize your accuracy with the Versa Overdraw and take to the field knowing that you have the most forgiving set up on the planet! For safety reasons, the overdraw bar must be used with the safety catch plate installed at all times!

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