Hamskea Arrow Rest Hybrid Hunter Pro MicroTune

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Hamskea Arrow Rest Hybrid Hunter Pro MicroTune

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The Hamskea Arrow Rest Hybrid Hunter Pro MicroTune provides proven accuracy and durability in a lightweight package for all bowhunting applications. The updated hybrid hunter comes standard with the rebound dampener system.

The hybrid hunter pro takes design elements from the proven VersaRest platform and puts them in a more streamline package that is 20% lighter. The Zero Tolerance Technology is key to ensure there is no lateral play in the shaft and that the rotation is smooth. The launcher shaft rides with two oversized sealed stainless steel ball bearings that won’t wear out.

The containment bracke is completely covered in a soft-shell rubber type coating wrapped around a composite core structure for durability and quietness. This is also used to the containment launcher with a similar proprietary material that will minimize sound and is durable and lightweight. The integrated gravity feed design of the “V” feature of the containment bracket ensures your arrow is properly positioned on the launcher to lift the arrow into shooting position for a quiet and accurate shot.

The arrow rest comes now standard with the patent pending rebound dampener. The rebound dampener helps to mitigate the shock that is transferred from the limb to the rest during the shot and prevents the wear that could eventually lead to failure. The rebound dampener allows the cord to attach directly to the rest and limb eliminating any chance for failure on the field.

The Hybrid Hunter Pro has been designed to integrate world proven tournament accuracy design elements into a bowhunter specific arrow rest.


Compound hybrid hunter rest

Color - Black

Right and Left Handed

Archery Tech Team

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Hamskea Arrow Rest Hybrid Hunter Pro MicroTune Archery Bow Accessories Compound Full Capture Rests

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