Gold Tip Arrow Fletched Warrior

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Gold Tip
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Gold Tip Arrow Fletched Warrior

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The Gold Tip Arrow Fletched Warrior is ideal for hunting. It delivers accuracy and durability at a price that’s affordable on any budget. Straightness tolerance: ± .006". Included are pre fletched high quality feathers or vanes, inserts and nocks. Exclusive points.


Material - Smart Carbon

Length - 30, 32 inch

Spine - 300, 340, 400, 500, 600 or 700

4 or 12 pieces

Included 2 inch vanes or 4 inch feathers (pre fletched)

Included inserts and nock

Exclusive points

Available points are:

Saunders Bullet, see this link

Saunders Field, see this link

Saunders Combo, see this link

Archery Tech Team

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Gold Tip Arrow Fletched Warrior Arrows Arrow Complete Arrows Carbon Fiber

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