Fairweather Olympic Fingertab Complete

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“Kangaroo leather is extremely strong, but very soft. It gives excellent string feel, and allows for maximum consistency with your ‘hook’.
Kangaroo is quite unique in that the collagen fibres of the Kangaroo hide are uniformly directional, they run in parallel with the surface, and are uniform across the entire hide meaning better consistency from one piece of leather to the next.

I first decided to make a finger tab due to my general dissatisfaction with the comfort and construction of the tabs that were on the market. It has always bothered me that the screws on most tabs always work loose, and the spacer moves, and the shelf is sharp edged - unless you take to it with a saw and file...

Also I was taken with the idea of the tab being affixed to my hand using a ring, rather than a strap. I suppose that idea came from the archer’s thumb ring of some traditional Asian archery styles, along with my background as a jeweler designer. I hadn’t planned to make a product for sale - I just wanted a better tab. However it wasn’t until I had done quite a lot of work in my jeweler and sculpture job that I realized how I could solve these problems.

What I have designed is a tab which can fit - without adjustable parts. It is modular instead, using three separate sections that come in different sizes to allow you to fit the combination to your hand. The plates come in three sizes, and the spacer/ring module in 9 different sizes. They all fit together in a manner which prevents any movement or slipping of the shelf or spacer, and uses only a single screw to fasten it all together. So changing the leather is now a quick and easy process - no need to remove all those screws, spacer and finger straps, the single screw does it all.”

Simon Fairweather

The complete tab is equipped with the top "plastic" plate

One of the best Olympic Archery fingertabs ever, feel free to come over and test them at Archery Service Center Netherlands

Archery Tech Team

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Fairweather Olympic Fingertab Complete


Getting Started
To get started, you'll need a 10cm wide strip of paper, a pen or fine tip marker, and a ruler.
First take a look at your middle finger - the one which will go through the ring. You need to measure the part of this finger where the ring will sit, just behind the knuckle

Measuring your finger
Now, take your strip of paper and wrap it around the section of your finger that you need to measure
Take your pen/marker and draw across the paper strip at the point where the end of the paper overlaps, measuring the circumference of your finger.

Measure & compare
Straighten out the strip and measure the length between the marks where the overlaps were. This length now can be compared with the chart below to select your correct ring size. Generally if you are ‘between’ sizes then go for the smaller size.
I strongly recommend you do this once yourself, then get someone to double check your measurements!

One of the best Olympic Archery fingertabs ever, feel free to come over and test them at Archery Service Center Netherlands

Spacer/ring size Measured length
17                       56.5 mm
18                       59.5 mm
19                       62.5 mm
20                       66 mm
21                       69 mm
22                       72.5 mm
23                       76 mm
24                       79 mm
25                       82 mm

Archery Tech Team

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