Easton Target Shaft X10 Protour

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Easton Target Shaft X10 Protour

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Since its introduction, the compound-specific X10 Protour has won more titles and set more records for compound archers than all other choices combined. Specifically engineered for compound target competition, Protour features a front taper allowing for every size to use Easton X10 point components- the same components that have been used to win every Olympic medal since 1996. The precisely engineered mass to spine ratio of each Procomp size ensures the best ballistic performance at longer compound competition distances, and gives archers an undeniable edge in unpredictable windy weather. With unmatched precision and legendary durability in even the most abusive target materials on the world circuit, Procomp is at the absolute performance pinnacle for compound target precision. Every Procomp arrow is proudly Made in USA by Easton.

Lightweight, high-modulus carbon fiber bonded to a precision 7075 alloy core
Polished black carbon finish
Straightness ± .0015 Inch
Weight tolerance ± 0.5 grains
Components—sold separately
Tapered design
Made in USA

More info in this video

GPI - Due to the taper design of the X10 Pro Tour, the grain weight per inch shown is an average weight per inch GPI of a 29 inch shaft. The shaft weight is slightly heavier toward the lager diameter nock end and lighter toward the tapered frond end. One Inch of the shaft cut from the point end typically weighs 6-7 Grain.
O.D. outher diameter, Nominal O.D. at mid front of the shaft. Frond end is smaller.
Trim Inches - Recommended that no more than these lenghts be cut from the front end of the shaft.

For non-included but recommended parts/spare parts see the links down below

X10 tungsten point
X10 steel point
Pin nock
G pin nock (compound)

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