Easton Target Shaft ACE

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Easton Target Shaft ACE

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A/C/E -Aluminium Carbon Extreme- is the arrow which started a revolution that continues to this day. Light, strong and proven across the globe. Popular recurve or compound field shaft.

High-strength carbon fiber bonded to a 7075 alloy core
Polished black carbon finish
Straightness ± 0.0015”
Weight tolerance ± 0.50 grains
Components—sold separately
Barreled design
Made in USA

GPI - Due to the Barrel design of ACE , the grain weight per inch shown is an average weight per inch GPI of a 29 inch shaft. The shaft weight is slightly heavier in the larger diameter and lighter towards the taper ends. One inch of shaft cut from the point end typically weighs 5-6 Grain.
O.D. outher diameter, Nominal O.D. at mid front of the shaft. Ends are smaller.
Trim Inches - Recommended that no more than these lenghts be cut from the front end of the shaft.

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Easton Target Shaft ACE Arrows Arrow Shafts Shafts Carbon Aluminium

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