Easton Shaft X7 Eclipse Black

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Easton Shaft X7 Eclipse Black Arrows

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X7 Eclipse arrow shaft is the World Standard for precision and a perfect tune. Precise spine, consistent weight and incredible straightness.

7178-T9 aerospace alloy
Hard-anodized black finish
Straightness ± .001”
Weight tolerance ± 0.75%
Strength (psi) 105,000
G-UNI bushing sizes 1514-1914 or Super UNI Bushing sizes 2014 to 2613
Nocks and points sold separately
Sizes 1514 through 2214 are World Archery compliant max OD 9.30 Mm

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Made in USA

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Easton Shaft X7 Eclipse Black Arrows Arrow Shafts Shafts Aluminium

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