Dongs-Key Shooting Glove Pink Ribon Leather

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Dongs-Key Shooting Glove Pink Ribon Leather

About the Product

Dongs-Key Shooting Glove Pink Ribbon Leather is the most durable and comfortable glove made with Cow Hide leather that allows air to circulate by your fingertips while the glove is on. The strap provides a less binding, more comfortable fit than other wrist straps. The velcro closure ensures a secure hold, and easy wear and removal. Perfectly fit in right or left hand. Extra leather on finger tips provide more more grip and protect better against the string. 

One Euro every Sold "pink glove" goes to the Pink Ribbon Foundation

- Sizes from XS to XL. 
- Cow Hide Leather 
- Elastic use for easy adjusment

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Dongs-Key Shooting Glove Pink Ribon Leather Archery Traditional Style Shooting Gloves

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