Cartel Sight Atom

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Cartel Sight Atom

About the product

The Cartel Sight Atom is a simple and lightweight design sight ideal for beginners. It has a clear and printed scale. The bright red sight pin gives a clear contrast with the target. The sight has a smooth micro windage and elevation adjustment. The standardized attachment will fit most bows. It can be used both for right and left handed archers by simply flipping the front pin mount.


Material - High impact resistant polymer

Color - Black with bright red sight pin

Weight - 110 gr

Mounting screws included

Archery Tech Team

  • Productnumber: 100623
  • Packaging quantity: 1
  • Stock Status: On stock
  • Brand: Cartel

Cartel Sight Atom Archery Sights Beginner Sights 223600-1

  • Height: 3.00 cm
  • Width: 12.00 cm
  • Length: 20.00 cm