Intermediate Recurve

Intermediate Recurve

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  1. Sanlida Miracle X10 Olympic Recurve Package 2021
    As low as: €941.99

    Sanlida Miracle X10 Olympic Recurve Package 20211

    About the product

    ASC offers specially selected complete Archery Bow Kits.
    The goal of these ASC Bow Kits is to offer value-for-money packages for athletes at various levels of skills (from beginners to experienced) and at various price levels. The ASC Archery Tech Team collected/matched the items in the various sets based on what is available in the market and to the best of their knowledge/expertise. Whether you're just starting out in archery, or you’re an experienced archer looking for a new set-up, the ASC Bow Kit should safely cover your needs! This Sanlida intermediair starter bow set represents an affordably priced setup, which is ideal for Archers thats want to grow in Olympic Recurve archery. The heart of the Kit is the Sanlida Miracle X10 riser. Made from 6061-T6 aluminum Forgiveness through advanced processes with well strength and hardness. The wooden grip makes this handle a best seller.

    What is included in this kit
    1 Piece - Miracle X10 Riser weight 1300 gram - 46 OZ
    1 Pair - Miracle X10 Limbs high-strength cross carbon
    1 Picce - Bowstring without Nockpoints - Shooting ready with Nockpoints
    1 Piece - X10 Cushion Plunger with extra Springs and Stifts
    1 Piece - X10 Arrow Rest
    1 Piece - X10 Clicker
    1 Piece - X10 Carbon Sight with Micro adjustment and 2 Mini Sight Dampers
    1 Piece - X10 Limb Dampers
    1 Piece - X10 Sightpin Damper
    1 Piece - X10 Riser Damper
    1 Piece - X10 Long Rod 30 Inch with Damper
    2 Piece - X10 Short Rod 12 Inch with Damper
    1 Piece - X10 Extender
    1 Piece - X10 V-Bar 45 degree
    3 Piece - X10 Weights 28 Gram 1 OZ
    1 Piece - X10 Weights 56 Gram 2 OZ

    What is Not in the set
    Back Pack or Bow Case
    Arrows - We At Archery Service Center can help you with your arrow choice
    Arrow Quiver
    Bow Stringer
    Bow Stand

    This Package can also be measured on your by our pro staff employees. With the test shooting, up to 70 mtr, you can be sure that everything fits perfectly.

    Any Questions left, please, feel free to contact us

    Also Look video 1 and video 2

    ASC Tech Team

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1 Product

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