Barnett Crossbow Wildcat Camo - 2021

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Barnett Crossbow Wildcat Camo - 2021

About the product

Back in Black: Barnett is pleased to revive its recurve crossbow line with the all-new Blackcat. Covertly wrapped in black, it’s a stealth ally that will keep you off the radar. Recurve crossbows are a great option for new crossbow shooters who want a straightforward, easy-to-use design. The Blackcat also has safety on its side, with an anti-dry fire trigger and finger safety reminders to start newcomers off on the right foot. Includes a red dot sight, aluminum arrows and lightweight quiver.

What is in the box
Red Dot Sight
Two Aluminum Arrows
Lightweight Quiver
Lubrication Wax

Inside info

Weight 4.8 lbs – 2.177 Kg
Draw Weight 195 Lbs
Kinetic Energy 57
Power Stroke 12 Inch
Speed 260 fps - Speed test using 380-grain arrow.
Trigger Type - Anti-Dry Fire

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Barnett Crossbow Wildcat Camo - 2021 Cross Bows Crossbows Recurve

  • Height: 18.11 cm
  • Width: 32.39 cm
  • Length: 83.52 cm