Ballistol Universal Oil Protection Spray

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Ballistol Universal Oil Protection Spray

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The universal oil - proven and unrivaled! For the maintenance of metal, wood, leather, rubber, synthetic material, skin, animal fur and much more. Ideally suited for crafts, industry, agriculture, household, gardening, vehicles, fishing, hunting and shooting sports.

Pro tip “if your sight, plunger is, due rain, not working anymore use a little Ballistol and it runs like new”

Ballistol contains a harmless combination of antioxidants and medical oils, so that it is not prone to aging and is not resinous for years. Ballistol for a thousand and more uses! Due to the combination of ingredients, Ballistol cannot wax. Because of its pharmaceutically clean substances, it can also be used in the process of food production. Ballistol the extraordinary oil for environmentally conscious people.

Alkalische oil
25 ml, 50 ml or 100 ml

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Ballistol Universal Oil Protection Spray Archers Corner Tools Tools

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