Arctec Crosstube Stabilizer Long

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Arctec Crosstube Stabilizer Long

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The Arctec Crosstube Stabilizer long is made of three layers of carbon. It uses a cross development technology that is compressed to a reduced diameter and adds a high degree of rigidness. The stabilizer is included with a damper with three pillars. The damper is adjustable in hardness by addition or removal of the damper elements. You can put the weights in front or behind the damper. You can choose for stainless steel or aluminum weights. Weight: 140 grams at 32" (without weights and damper). Included are: 1/4" Arctec modular damping system - stainless steel weight (35 gram) and end weight (45 gram) included. The Arctec crosstube is handmade in Germany.


Color - Black

Thread size - 1-4

Material - Carbon

Length - 28.00 30.00, 32.00, 34.00 inch

Rod diameter - 16mm

For additional aluminum or stainless steel weights, see this link

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Arctec Crosstube Stabilizer Long Archery Stabilizers Stabilizers Long

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