Archery #stayhome set for archery starters Shooting ready

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#stayhome Archery Set

If you want to start with archery. This is your opportunity. Archery Service Center gives 30 to 60 euro moneyback, if you become a member of a archery association, and buy a new bow from us. After this difficult time.

This archery set is build for people with the age 8 to 108.

Low pricing make this set is ideal for people that are staying at home in this Covid-19 corona virus period.

What other archery equipment is in this #stayhome bow set.

  • Roland snake bow 22 pound draw weight
  • Avalon bow stringer
  • Strong arrows
  • Armguard
  • Thicker midserving for extra finger protection
  • Eleven Archery target 80x80x14 Lightweight & easy set up
  • A set of 5 different target faces
  • 10 target face pins
  • We make this set shooting ready

This archery set is for fun. keep an eye on the safety at all times.

Archery Tech Team

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Archery #stayhome set for archery starters Shooting ready Archers Corner Discount Sets Bows Sets

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