Archers Eye Final Vision Peep Sight Set

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Archers Eye Final Vision Peep Sight

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The first fully adjustable peep sight for archery. With a total of two apertures, it is possible to choose an aperture size between 0.7mm 1/32 inch and 4.5mm 11/64 inch. The Peep Sight "Target" has an aperture size from 0.7mm 1/32 inch to 2.4mm 3/32 inch. The Hunting & 3D version goes from 2.4mm 3/32 to 4.5mm 11/64 inch.
The size can be changed by simply turning the front knurl. There is a selection of 4 different Peep Sight housings with the angles 41°, 45°, 49° and 53° to go with the world novelty. These are available in 9 different colors.
How to choose the right angle for your bow setup can be found simply with an Geo Triangle and an picture made with your Phone.
Another special feature of the Peep Sight Final Vision is the additional selection of color filters, which can be adjusted to the weather and light conditions in no time.
For now you can find the colors gray, blue, yellow and red in our portfolio. Of course, the Peep Sight Final Vision also offers space for corresponding clarifiers in 6 different sizes. Here we offer our precision cut clarifiers, which meet the high standard of the Peep sight.

The Peep sight Final Vision was developed in cooperation with Centra. The company is an leading manufacturer in Olympic shooting sports and their expertise in shooting sights and their patented apertures are the basis for this product.

Weight Housing 11,2 grain, Iris Aperture 12,2 grain, Shade Cap 2,8 grain
Optional Clarifier 2grain, Color Filter 2grain
Ambidextrous design
Colors Black, Blue Teal, Desert Tan, Red, Golden Yellow, Green, Purple, Pink, Silver

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Archers Eye Final Vision Peep Sight Set Bow Accessories Peep Sights Peep Sights 101822

  • Height: 12.00 cm
  • Width: 23.00 cm
  • Length: 15.00 cm