Angel Serving Majesty

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Angel Serving Majesty

About the product

Rebranded by Angel Izanas
Dyneema and microfilament
Slip and spread resistant
Thermally bonded coating
Not degraded by UV exposure

Material Dyneema and microfilament
Thickness serving 0.015 Inch = 0.61 Mm, 0.018 Inch = 0.71 Mm, 0.021 Inch = 0.83 Mm, 0.026 Inch = 1.03 Mm
Colors Black, White, Fluor Yellow, Royal Blue, Royal Red, Fluor Pink, Baby Blue

Please note! Until the previous batch has been sold some will be supplied as Izanas, others supplied as Angel ASB.

Archery Tech Team

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Angel Serving Majesty Archery Bow Strings & Parts Serving Material

  • Height: 0.00 cm
  • Width: 0.00 cm
  • Length: 0.00 cm