XS Wings Vanes 50mm

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XS Wings
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XS Wings Vanes 50mm 

Xs Wings are available in many colors red, blue, gold, silver, green, pink, bronze, purple and sky blue. 
The arrows vanes are designed for improved rotation, but they are also easier to flex compared to other wings. 
Every package contains 50 wings in combination with attachment tape, the wings are available in metallic and fluorescent colors. 
Made of a highly durable material for long lasting fletches
Two different models for clockwise (RH) or anticlockwise (LH) arrow rotation
Shaped to improve arrow spin, clearance, and improve group size
Fletching tape and top and tail tape included
Designed to be easier to fletch than other spin style vanes
Each pack contains 50 vanes

Archery Tech Team

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XS Wings Vanes 50mm Arrows Vanes & Feathers Spin Vanes

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