Ultra View Release The Hinge 3 Finger

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Ultra View Release The Hinge 3 Finger

About the product

If you think you need a large, you should get the medium. If you KNOW you should get the large get the large - we have never exchanged a medium for a large. You can upgrade your Hinge with The Wrist Bracket
100’s of peoples fingers and hands were measured to create finger bed sizes that are distinct and allow for extreme repeatably for hand placement in the body of the release. It truly is the most comfortable release you’ll ever shoot.
Customize your Hinge with an abundance of release accessories so it fits your hands perfectly. The access hole in the bottom of the release allows for super easy micro adjust. Just use a 1/16 Inch Allen key — to make the Hinge slower turn the internal set screw counterclockwise to make it faster turn it clockwise. Easily swap from click to no-click by switching your hooks. Simply remove the set screw on the head of the release and un-pin the existing hook and replace with a new one. Get different length hooks here.

Designed for comfort, just hold it you'll see. Video

Material Brass or Aluminum
Brass Medium 3.20 Oz - 90.72 Gram
Brass Large 4.20 Oz - 119.07 Gram
Aluminum Medium 1.60 Oz - 45.36 Gram
Aluminum Large 2.00 Oz - 56.70 Gram

What is in the box
1x Hinge release in brass or aluminum
1x 0.014, 0.016, 0.018 or 0.020 Inch click or no-click hook pre-installed.
1x Aluminum peg bracket - thumb pegs sold separately
1x Aluminum 3-Finger Funky Finger in dark gray
1x 1/16 Inch gold Allen key for micro-adjust
1x Certificate of authenticity ensuring you get superior post purchase customer service and a higher re-sale value if you’re crazy enough to ever part ways with your Hinge. (post sales service and warranty transfer with the certificate of authenticity — we recommend not throwing it away.)

Archery Tech Team

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Ultra View Release The Hinge 3 Finger Archery Releases Releases Backtension

  • Height: 6.00 cm
  • Width: 18.00 cm
  • Length: 12.00 cm