Spigarelli Handle REV2 25 Inch

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Spigarelli ILF Handle REV2 25 Inch 

Based on Sante Spigarelli’s creativity the renewal of one of the biggest innovations arised in archery world.

Combining the best of both Revolution and Revolution B.B. While the central layer remains the same one of the news resides in using a weighted back part, for a major solidity and an improved stability, counterbalanced by a pierced front part where the special Revolution dedicated additional weight can be attached. This new unique configuration adapts perfectly to both olimpic recurve and bare bow shooters. The junction screws have been redesigned with a new material for an overall increased and improved structural strenght all along the shot cycle. A new stock grip also appears featuring boosted ergonomics directly studied by Massimo and Sante Spigarelli. A brand new color palette for a modern dark elegant riser ready to parade down the archery fields all over the world.. Aside of this all the other colors are still available as special orders in about 7 weeks and a additional cost.

Riser length: 25 Inch
Mass Weight: 1250 gram
Models: RH and LH
Wood Grip included
Arrow Rest included

Accepts fitting of the Spigarelli Revolution Extra Barebow Weight Bar


Red Black
Blue Black
Grey Black
Green Black

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Spigarelli Handle REV2 25 Inch Archery Recurve Handle ILF

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