Range O Matic Formaster Elbow Strap

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Range O Matic Formaster Elbow Strap

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The Original Formaster and Rigid Formaster Training Aids are excellent for the beginner, intermediate or expert archer. They teach proper back tension and follow-through techniques by establishing muscle memory throughout the draw and release. Technical manual and complete instructions are included. Installs on any bow.

The Original Formaster training aid uses a rubber resistance cord, which allows you to train with the full-release of an arrow.

To determine your size. Follow the next steps

Measure the full circumference around elbow with your draw arm completely straight. This measurement should be at the largest part of the elbow. The Strap should fit snugly around the draw arm when arm is bent in the full draw position. If strap is too large, it will slide down the arm, causing the rubber cord to be too weak to obtain optimal results.

Strap sizes
X-Small, Yellow, 8 – 9 Inch or 20.33 – 22.87 Cm
Small, Red, 9-10 Inch or 22 – 25.41 Cm
Medium, Blue, 10-11 Inch or 25.41 – 27.95 Cm
Large, Black, 11-12 Inch or 27.95 – 30.49 Cm
X-Large, Red Black, 12-13 Inch or 30.49 – 33.03 Cm
XX-Large, Blue Black, 13 – 14 or 33.03 – 35.56 Cm

Resistance Cord
It is generally recommended that
Juniors and beginners start with 13 – 17 lbs.
Women and young adults – 21 – 28 lbs.
Men – 28 – 31 lbs.
Please note. The maximum recommended pull-weight without shooting an arrow is 50 lbs. Do not use a finger tab with metal backing, it wil cut the rubber tubing. Do not stretch the rubber more than 4 times its length. Sooner or later the rubber cord wil wear out! Keep the device also out the sun while storing!
For the best results, an archer should use the heaviest resistance force cord he or she can control.

The power of the resistance cord is measured at 28 inch draw length.

40 up to 50 Bow draw use 28 or 31 Pound resistance cord
35 up to 45 Bow draw use 21 or 28 Pound resistance cord
30 up to 40 Bow draw use 17 or 21 Pound resistance cord
20 up to 35 Bow draw use 13 or 17 Pound resistance cord

The Original Formaster is designed with two pieces the Strap and the Resistance Cord.

Archery Tech Team

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Range O Matic Formaster Elbow Strap Archers Corner Fitness & Training Tools

  • Height: 3.00 cm
  • Width: 25.00 cm
  • Length: 33.00 cm