PSE Compound Bow Supra Focus XL EM 2020

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The Supra Focus XL™ is an entirely new design powered by PSE’s new EM cam. It offers a 40” axle-to-axle design and 7½” brace height.

The PSE Supra Focus™ Family offers an unprecedented combination of performance and forgiveness. Longer deflexed risers and Evolve® Cams make the Supra Focus family of target bows leaders on today’s competitive landscape.


Braceheight: 7½ Inch
Axle to Axle: 40 Inch
ATA/IBO Speed: 327-319 Fps
Let off: 75% **
Massweight: 5.1 Lbs
Drawlenght range: 24 Inch- 30 Inch
Drawweight: 50 Lbs, 60 Lbs
Limbolts max 10 OUT
Cam Nr: Evolve EM-81890
Colors: American Flag, Good Vibrations, Black Cherry, White, Navy Blue, Platinum Titanium, *Sky Blue, *Orange, *Satin Mercury

* Premium colors at additional Charge

**Inner module for 85% Let off – 01325EMHL
**Inner module for 65% Let off – 01325EM65

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PSE Compound Bow Supra Focus XL 2020 Archery Compound Compound Target Bows

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