Martin Fieldbow One Piece Diablo Super Elite 60 Inch

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Martin Fieldbow One Piece Diablo Super Elite 60 Inch

About the Product

Hand-Crafted Excellence & Perfection Made In The USA

Features That Help You Take The Shot

Smooth, stack-free draw & speed with zero hand shock.
Slightly deflexed riser allowing for smooth feel & speed.
Contrasting hardwoods with maple laminate make it an absolute eye-catcher.
60″ length & generous brace height provide very forgiving characteristics.
Little vibration helps to quiet the bow & makes it one of the most comfortable bows in the world to shoot.
Limbs are laminated hardwood backed with black glass to provide solid performance without affecting its silky draw.
Hand-crafted excellence combined with hardwood beauty
Riser features layered hardwood and multiple carbon composite layers
Made with time tested experience and craftsmanship
Incredibly durable handmade construction
Carrying on the tradition of over 50+ years in traditional archery


Length 60 Inch
Brace Height 8.00-8.50 Inch / 20.3-21.6 Cm
Mass Weight 1 lbs 10 Oz - 737 Gram
Draw Weight 40/45/50/55/60 Lbs

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Martin Fieldbow One Piece Diablo Super Elite 60 Inch Archery Traditional Style Field Bows One Piece ML-SD18

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