Bearpaw Hunting Bow Hopi 60 Inch 2020

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Bearpaw Hunting Bow Hopi 60 Inch 2020

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The Hopi is the perfect bow for those taking their first steps in archery. This powerful hunting one piece recurve really impresses with its great looks. Being a compact bow of 60” it offers an excellent shooting “feel” right out to its maximum draw length of 32”. Together with our manufacturer we were able to include many of the great features of our "Bodnik Bows" in this bow despite the lower price range.

“A lot of bow for very little outlay”

Bow Length 60 Inch - 152.5 Cm
Draw Weight 25 - 50 lbs in 5 lbs steps
Handle Actionwood, Maple, Ash, Padouk
Limbs Maple with clear glass
Tips Mycarta
Grip Pistol Grip
String Whisper String
Brace Height 8 Inch - 20.4 Cm
Accessories Shelf Rests, Whisper String, Nock point
Guarantee This bow is warranted against breaking or de-laminating for a period of two (2) years.

Please take note our Whisper String selection table when purchasing replacement strings for the Hopi Recurve bow! You will need to order - Whisper String Recurve 58 inch!

Once a bow is received, any claims for twisted limbs must be reported to Bearpaw Products within the first two weeks; either by email, service ticket, or telephone. Dealers of Bearpaw Products must check all bows immediately upon receipt for any and all defects and report them within the prescribed time limits. Warranty claims are only accepted within the time frames and terms listed above.

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Bearpaw Hunting Bow Hopi 60 Inch 2020 Archery Traditional Style Field Bows One Piece 30147

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