BCY Bowstring Material BCY-X99 Universal

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BCY Bowstring Material BCY-X99 Universal

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X-99 Bowstring

80% SK99 Highest Quality Dyneema - 20% Vectran. All the benefits and performance of BCY-X. When compared to BCY-X, the smaller diameter of X-99 means more strands are needed for a finished Bowstring (+2/4). Good for Compound Bows and Recurves. Available in solid colors.

No Creep
Good Arrow Speed
Low fuzziness
High abrasion resistance
Recommended strands 26-28 for Compound Bows & 18-24 for Recurve Bows
Ultra-thin diameter for a rounder string.
High performance 80% SK99 Dyneema & 20% Vectran blend.
Fray resistant material.
No creep blend.
Good arrow speeds.
Spool Size - 1/4lb & 1/8lb
Optimal For Compound or Recurve Strings

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BCY Bowstring Material BCY-X99 Universal Archery Bow Strings & Parts String Material

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