ASC Level Entry Bare Bow Set choose Your Handle Riser

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Entry Level Bare-bow set “choose your own handle/riser”.

With this set, which does NOT include a riser, we will make a lot of people happy. The selection of an archery handle has a lot to do with design, color, taste, trainer’s preferences and a lot more. ASC Tech Team carefully selected a set to serve the needs of newbies in archery.
This set comes in a budget-priced package that provides a lot of fun with your first basic steps in Archery. The growth potential with this set is also guaranteed This set might serve you for quite a while, whilst learning archery skills
What other archery equipment is in this WA Bare Bow archery bow set.

Pieces Description

1 –Core Prelude black ILF limbs
1 - WNS Finger sling
1 - Avalon Bowstand Green
1 - Stark Button Click Helice
1 - Avalon Arm Sleeve Black
1 - Legend 720 backpack Black
1 - Decut Barebow Tab
6 - Avalon Tyro Arrows
1 - Decut sinus Arrowrest
1 - Dongs-Key Bow Stringer
1 - FF+ Bowstring
1 - Arrow Puller
1 - Bohning String wax
1 - Barebow weights 2 pieces 180 gram each

What size riser/handle should you select

• Persons up to 150 cm, we advise a 66 Inch setup (25”- Riser + Short Limbs )
• Persons up to 170 cm, we advise a 68 Inch setup (25”- Riser + Medium Limbs)
• Persons up to 195 cm, we advise a 70 Inch setup (25”- Riser + Long Limbs
• Persons above 200 cm, please contact us for advice

Archery Service Center can prepare this set ready-to-shoot for you. The Colors of the vanes and the nocks are not to be chosen. Additional requests regarding colors ore need for more information, please contact our ASC tech team.
If you decide to prepare the set ready-to-shoot by ASC we will put a longer center serving on the bowstring.
The longer center serving will comply with the World Archery rules.

Any Questions left, please, feel free to contact us

ASC Tech Team

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